Best cycling experience
Best cycling experience

I’ve read many reviews, pros and cons again and again to make the right decision. Thanks to all reviewers who were open and blunt.

This bike is no nonsense, has specs as mentioned and outperforms your expectations for the price. Amazing body feels premium, starting by with handles, it got a quality which feels good when holding, the brake clutches are firm and works well with the hydraulic brakes system. The drivetrain is smooth with maintenance free parts, got dirty? Wipe and ride again. Comes with a powerful 250w motor and a class battery pack along with torque sensor the assistance is perfect in almost all conditions, except steep hills, but it won’t stop you there!

The bike’s body and colors are so premium it draws eyes and attention, even evil ones!

If you’re a style person and love to ride, this bike has got it all, colors, features, usability, value, lightweight, awesome pedal assistance and a motor and drivetrain that is maintenance free, go for Eddy X.

–– Damian Rzepecki