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Parameters Comparison
Model Type Characteristic Height Application Range Frame Size
Sam Foldable City E-bike Lightweight & Portable 150-165 Urban, Rural, Mountain ≧50KM 17 - 18"
Eddy Foldable City E-bike Stable & Fatbike 175-185 Mountain, Urban, Rural ≧65KM 19 - 20"
Eddy X Foldable City E-bike Foldable & Fatbike Above 165 Mountain, Urban, Rural ≧65KM 19-20"
Romer Utility E-bike Utility & Fatbike 160-170 Mountain, Urban, Rural ≧65KM 25-26"
Romer Pro Utility E-bike Utility & Turque Sensor 160-170 Mountain, Urban, Rural ≧65KM 25-26"

JOBOBIKE - Top 20-inch e-bike models

The 20-inch geared e-bike is a standout choice for urban commuting due to its small wheels and lightweight frame. This design provides excellent handling and agility, making it easy to weave through traffic and navigate narrow streets. Lightweight and portable, it's perfect for city travel, easily carried on public transport or into offices.

Sam: practical commuter


Sam, one of JOBOBIKE's most cost-effective models, features 20-inch tires and a foldable frame. It's designed for easy navigation through busy streets and can be compactly stored in a car. Its low frame and light weight make it ideal for elderly riders.

Eddy: all-terrain champion


Eddy comes with 20-inch fat tires and full suspension, perfect for rough terrains like sand, mud, and snow. It's an excellent option for mountain biking, off-road trails, or comfortable daily commutes.

Eddy X: budget all-terrain


Eddy X, a lighter version of Eddy, also has 20-inch fat tires and front suspension, making it suitable for diverse terrains. It’s a cost-effective choice for those seeking a versatile e-bike.

Romer: versatile utility bike

From 1799€!

Romer is a multifunctional 20-inch electric bike, designed with a foldable frame and adaptable for various accessories such as trailers, baby seats, and baskets, meeting diverse riding needs.

Advantages of 20-inch electric bikes
Compact and portable
Their small size makes 20-inch electric bikes highly portable and easy to store, ideal for urban environments with limited space.

Quick acceleration and agility
Smaller wheels provide faster acceleration and agile handling, perfect for crowded city streets.

Versatile for different terrains
These bikes are not just for urban commuting; they handle suburban roads and light off-road trails well, offering versatility.

Comfortable riding position
Ergonomically designed seats and handlebars ensure comfort during city commutes or leisurely rides.

Low maintenance
Smaller wheels require less maintenance, making tasks like tire changes and brake adjustments simpler and more cost-effective.

Comfortable riding position
Ergonomically designed seats and handlebars ensure comfort during city commutes or leisurely rides.

Generally more economical than larger e-bikes, 20-inch models offer a budget-friendly entry into e-biking.

Like all e-bikes, 20-inch models produce no emissions, supporting environmentally friendly transportation.

Easy to transport
Lightweight and portable, they are convenient for public transport or mounting on a bike rack.

Safety and stability
Despite their compact size, 20-inch e-bikes provide stable handling with reliable braking systems and suspension designs.

Stylish and customizable
Available in various designs, these bikes combine functionality with stylish looks to suit individual tastes.

Why choose JOBOBIKE?
-20 years of e-bike manufacturing experience
-Certified by TUV, EN15194 (2017)
-Lifetime frame warranty
-Professional R&D team
-European factory with fast, free delivery

Q: Is a 20-inch bike suitable for adults?+-
A: Yes, 20-inch bikes are excellent for adults, offering portability and versatility in various forms such as utility bikes, folding bikes, and off-road fat bikes. JOBOBIKE range is perfect for adult riders.
Q: How to choose between a 16-inch and 20-inch e-bike?+-
A: While 16-inch bikes are more compact and easier to maneuver, they offer less stability and comfort for adults. In contrast, 20-inch bikes handle different terrains better and are more enjoyable for most riders due to their versatility and broader application range.