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Elevate Your Ride with a 28-Inch Electric Bike

At JOBOBIKE, we are committed to delivering electric bicycles that offer reliability, comfort, and efficiency. Our 28-inch electric bikes epitomize these qualities, providing an exceptional riding experience for commuting, urban exploration, or leisurely rides. With larger wheels and advanced features, these bikes meet the diverse needs of modern cyclists.

JOBOBIKE 28-Inch e-Bikes Recommendation:

The lightweight aluminum frame ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight, making the bike easy to handle and transport.
The frame’s sleek design, enhanced by flat welding and a hidden built-in battery, gives the bike a modern, clean appearance resembling a traditional bicycle.
Larger 700C wheels roll efficiently and smoothly over various surfaces, ideal for different types of riding, from urban commuting to light off-road adventures. This versatility ensures the bike adapts to your riding style and terrain.

Ideal Riders

Commuters:For those with long commutes, a 28-inch electric bike offers comfort and efficiency. The electric assist system ensures you arrive refreshed, while larger wheels provide a stable and smooth ride, making daily travel more enjoyable.
Older Riders:Older adults will appreciate the stability and ease of use of 28-inch electric bikes. The electric assist system reduces pedaling effort, making cycling more accessible and enjoyable, allowing older riders to maintain independence and enjoy regular exercise.

Sofortige Lieferung
Over 20 years of experience
16 Jahre Erfahrung
TUV test certified
Professionelles Technikteam
lifetime warranty on the frame
Professionelles Technikteam
Local European factory

Professionelles Technikteam
LCD Display
LCD display for clear presentation of all required data, such as electric quantity, pedaling assistance level, speed, etc. Equipped with USB port.
Professionelles Technikteam
250W Mid-drive Motor
Delivers 80Nm of torque for maintaining a comfortable cadence, even on hills or challenging terrain.
Professionelles Technikteam
Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Provides reliable and responsive braking power, ensuring safety.
Professionelles Technikteam
Shimano 7-speed System
Adapts to different road conditions, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.

Q: What height is a 28” wheel bike suitable for?+-
Our 28-inch wheel bikes are ideal for riders over 170 cm in height.