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Electric Bike Cargobike - JOBOBIKE Transer
The Transer urban cargo bike is designed with an ergonomic design style. Its lower centre of gravity reduces bumps and makes for a more comfortable ride. Transer's strengths is its dual battery system and extended body to support longer rides and greater load carrying.
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Exhibition With JOBOBIKE's effort in the past two years
JOBOBIKE built a stable and strong support team with 200+ dealers, test points, and more than 40 service points. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the JOBOBIKE team, we will give you easy, quick and convenient guidance. This year, we plan to expand to 300 dealers and test points.
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Transport and exercise CERTIFICATES
JOBOBIKE achieves a great combination of transport and exercise. Our e-bikes have obtained the following professional certifications.
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Just biking
No matter where are you riding, Jobobike will take you there.
JOBOBIKE is a great combination of transport and exercise. And electric bike is a more environmentally friendly alternative to public transport or driving.