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Electric folding bicycles combine the convenience of folding design with the benefits of electric assistance, making them a versatile and practical option for commuting, urban mobility, and recreational riding. Unleash the Adventurer within and conquer every terrain with our foldable electric bicycles!

Advantages of the Folding Bike

With their innovative folding mechanism and electric assistance, our folding e-bikes offer a whole new level of convenience and flexibility. Join the folding eBike revolution and embrace a lifestyle of convenience, sustainability, and adventure. Get ready to fold, ride, and explore!

Convenience For Storing and Carrying
Folding bikes are designed to fold up into a compact package, making them easier for transport and storage. You can easily take them on public transportation, store them in small apartments or offices, or even carry them on your shoulder.
Flexibility and Versatility
Whether you need to navigate busy city streets, explore urban areas, or ride on trails, these bikes offer flexibility. They can be unfolded and ridden like a regular electric bike when needed, providing a comfortable and efficient ride.
Environmental Friendly
Folding electric bikes are an environmentally friendly transportation option that causes fewer emissions and takes up less space on the road than cars or buses. Meanwhile, it helps promote physical fitness and helps reduce traffic congestion.
Why is it common for folding bikes to use small tyres?

Lightweight and portability are the main qualities of a folding bike. We can't afford to make too much effort to carry them after folding. The use of small tires is a good way of avoiding the strain of handling.

Is the folding operation complicated?

Basically you just need to unlock the buckle locks on the bike body and the head tube to fold it easily.

How fast can a folding e-bike go?

JOBOBIKE folding e-bikes are fully compliant with EU standards and have a maximum speed limit of 25km/h and a throttle assist speed of 6km/h (if they have a throttle).

How far can a folding e-bike go on a single charge?

The range of a folding e-bike on a single charge depends on the battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, and weather conditions. JOBOBIKE folding e-bikes can travel between 30-100km on a single charge.