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Ride Smarter with JOBOBIKE Romer Series

Introducing Romer from JOBOBIKE, expertly crafted to transform your daily travels and leisure activities.
This bike isn't just about movement; it’s a strategic enhancement designed to streamline and enrich the rhythm of modern life.
JOBOBIKE Romer Series

From 1599€!

Romer redefines utility electric bikes, adapting seamlessly to a variety of uses and lifestyles.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or rural paths, it delivers high performance and reliability, enhancing your experience with every pedal.

Upgrade your journey with JOBOBIKE Romer series, the smarter, greener, and more efficient way to travel. As a versatile and eco-friendly bike, Romer Pro doesn’t just take you places—it enhances your everyday life.

JOBOBIKE Robin Series


JOBOBIKE Robin is suitable for bumpy, forest, mountain and even snowy terrain. With the fat tire, you can overcome any difficulties while riding through the mountain.

Q: What is an all-terrain electric bike?+-
A: An all-terrain e-bike is an electrically assisted bicycle designed to adapt to a variety of terrains and environments. It combines the convenience of an electric bicycle with the multi-terrain adaptability of an off-road bicycle, and can be ridden in various scenarios such as urban roads, mountains, and beaches.
Q: How does the electric assist of an all-terrain electric bicycle work?+-
A: Electric bicycles are equipped with an electric assist system, which is powered by a battery and provides additional power through an electric motor to help the rider easily overcome resistance while riding, especially when riding uphill or on complex terrain. Riders can usually adjust through riding modes, choosing pure electric, electric assist or human-powered riding modes.
Q: What terrain is this bike suitable for?+-
A: All-terrain electric bicycles are suitable for a variety of terrains, including urban roads, mountains, beaches, country roads, etc. Its off-road capabilities and suspension design allow it to provide a smooth and comfortable ride in different terrains.
Q: What is the function of the suspension system of this bicycle?+-
A: The shock absorber system can reduce bumps and vibrations during riding and improve riding comfort. On different terrains, such as mountains or rough roads, the suspension system can better maintain the stability of the vehicle and make the ride smoother.
Q: What is the battery life of an all-terrain electric bike?+-
A: Battery life depends on frequency of use, charging method, and the quality of the battery. In general, e-bike battery life typically ranges from a few hundred to a thousand charge-discharge cycles, with a slight decrease over time. Charging regularly and following the manufacturer's recommended use and charging methods can help extend battery life.
Q: How does this all terrain e-bike weigh? Is it easy to carry?+-
A: The weight of an all-terrain e-bike varies by model and design, and generally speaking, it can be slightly heavier than a regular bike. Some models use lightweight materials to reduce weight, but the overall weight may be higher due to the electric components and suspension. Some models are designed to be foldable for easy portability and storage.