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The Waterproofness Of JOBOBIKE E-Bikes

we analyse the water resistance of e-bikes and give you tips on how to use your e-bike safely in the rain.
By JOBOBIKE Jan 07,2024

Riding an e-bike is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Many people are concerned about whether e-bikes can be used and parked in the rain for long periods of time? Can such cheap e-bikes survive the rain without damage? In this article, we analyse the water resistance of e-bikes and give you tips on how to use your e-bike safely in the rain.

JOBOBIKE e-bikes are characterised by their high level of waterproofness. Our e-bikes are IPX6-certified, which means that they can withstand not only splash water but also strong water jets. This makes them particularly suitable for use in rainy weather. In addition, all the cabling on our e-bikes is waterproof, which provides an extra layer of protection.

JOBOBIKE e-bikes are also resistant to corrosion caused by rain. The frame is made of robust materials such as aluminium alloys or stainless steel, which last a long time even in wet conditions. The brakes on our e-bikes are also designed to withstand moisture and rain. This ensures safe and reliable braking performance, even in bad weather.


The JOBOBIKE Robin All Terrain E-Bike is equipped with a special LED display designed for trouble-free use in the rain. The display uses the innovative KD986 display, which allows water to simply roll off the surface without causing any damage. This means you can read the information on the display clearly even in heavy rain without having to worry.

Precautions For Riding In The Rain

Despite the high waterproofness of JOBOBIKE e-bikes, it is important to take certain precautions when riding in the rain in order to optimally protect the e-bike:

Clean the e-bike regularly to remove dirt, mud and salt deposits that can cause corrosion.

Wear suitable protective clothing such as a waterproof jacket and trousers to stay dry.

Reduce speed and adjust your braking and acceleration habits to avoid aquaplaning.

Avoid deep puddles and flooded roads as they could damage the e-bike.

Protect the sensitive parts of the e-bike, such as the battery and electronics, from direct exposure to water by using protective covers.

Precautionary measures when parking in the rain

In order to optimally protect the e-bike when parking it, you should observe the following precautions:

Always look for a dry shelter to park the e-bike.

If no shelter is available, use a waterproof cover to protect the e-bike from the rain.

Remove the battery before storage and dry all contact points thoroughly.


JOBOBIKE e-bikes are characterised by their high waterproofness and corrosion resistance. Nevertheless, you should observe the suggested precautionary measures to optimally protect your JOBOBIKE e-bike. Enjoy the riding experience, even in bad weather!

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