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After-sales Service

I. About Delivery    

All orders will be shipped within 3 days on working days after successful payment except the pre-sale orders. If the delivery needs to be delayed due to force majeure or other special circumstances, such as holidays, the  delivery time shall be subject to the page notice or customer service notice; the pre-sale order shall be subject to what the order shows after the order is placed.                                                          

II. Customers

Customers need to inspect the goods within 3 working days after receiving our products. If the product is found to be damaged, the JOBOBIKE After-sales Service Form is needed to submit to our company in time. If it is true, our company will provide the free maintenance parts. In case of serious damage, the two parties shall negotiate a solution. While, it is considered as a normal receipt if it exceeds 3 days.

III. About Return and Exchange

In order to make customers who choose our products to have a better experience, we therefore provide a 20-day no reason return and exchange service (20 days refers to 20 natural days from the invoice date). If you are not satisfied with the test ride of e-Bike within the specified date, you can apply for return. (In order to ensure that the wearing parts of e-Bike are not significantly worn, we require that its test ride distance should not be more than 10km)

Please keep the packing carton for at least 20 days, in order to securely package the product for return.

If the goods are returned or exchanged due to non-quality problems, the buyer shall bear the freight back and forth, and must ensure that all parts are complete and free of damage. If the parts are missing or e-Bike is damaged during the test ride, the customer is required to partially compensate for this. If the returned e-Bike can meet the above conditions, JOBOBIKE will refund after deducting the freight; If the returned e-Bike has obvious signs of use and wear, JOBOBIKE will refund after deducting the freight and 20% of e-Bike fee as the handling fee. If the return or exchange is due to quality problems, JOBOBIKE will bear the freight back and forth.

The return and exchange service does not apply to the damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse or negligence. The modifications to the frame or parts by the customer will make the return and exchange service invalid.

In any case, we do not recommend the return of goods. That the customer places an order means that the buyer and seller agree with each other's agreement.

IV. About Parameters

Our company tries to do what you see is what you get. In order to provide consumers with an exchange experience, we always upgrade the performance, configuration and reliability of the product. If the page description cannot be updated in time due to product upgrade, please refer to the actual product. We promise that the upgraded product will not affect your riding experience and ensure that the performance of the e-Bike will be better than that of the old version. Therefore, nuances will not be used as the basis for description discrepancies.

V. About parts

Due to the different batches of electric assist bicycles, the related parts such as tires, motors, instrument displays, etc. will be slightly different. If there are differences in the parts, and the page description cannot be updated in time due to product upgrade, please refer to the actual product. We promise that the upgraded product will not affect your riding experience and ensure that the performance of the e-Bike will be better than that of the old version. Therefore, nuances will not be used as the basis for description discrepancies.

VI. About Endurance

The ride range described on the page is the data tested by JOBOBIKE lab under the test conditions of 75KG weight, 25℃ temperature, flat road surface, and the battery from full charge to full consumption. Due to different use conditions, scenes and purposes of each person, the ride range is affected by the load, riding habits, speed per hour and other aspects, so the ride range value is only for reference, not as a qualitative basis for any data, nor as a basis for returning or exchanging goods.

VII. About Battery

Lithium battery life is closely related to usage habits. In order to ensure that the battery can work better, it is recommended that you avoid riding at full speed for a long time during the ride. The battery can be charged when the remaining power is about 20% (try to avoid over discharge of the battery), and ensure that it is fully charged at one time. When the battery is fully charged, it is necessary to disconnect the charger in time to avoid overcharge of the battery, which will affect the service life and safety of the battery. According to the relevant laws and regulations and the nature of the product, it is absolutely prohibited to bring the battery or the whole e-Bike indoors to charge under any circumstances, and it should be charged in an open and monitored range as far as possible.

VIII. About Instrument

The content of the instrument display interface shall be subject to the actual product.

IX. About Transportation

Our company constantly improves the packaging and scientific placement of products, and selects reliable and rigorous logistics companies. However, the assist bicycles are large commodities with many parts, so in a few cases of logistics transportation, there may be slight scratches and paint loss due to collision, or some parts of the product may be deformed by extrusion, such as extrusion deformation of brake, rear rack or front fork, etc. These above conditions do not belong to quality problems or commodity defects, so they will not be used as the basis for returning the e-Bikes. If it is unacceptable, our company is willing to provide you with parts replacement or E-Bike replacement services.

Customers can contact JOBOBIKE if they encounter difficulties during the assembly, and our staff will provide customers with assembly guidance services.

X. About Warranty

10-1 E-Bike Limited Warranty

JOBOBIKE will provide a 24-month limited warranty on thee e-Bike. The after-sales service cycle starts from the date of sales.

During the warranty period, if there is any non-human damage to the product, JOBOBIKE will provide free replacement of parts or remote after-sales support, and special problems will be solved through negotiation between both parties.

The warranty period of repair parts is the same as that of the whole e-Bike. During the warranty period, the assist bicycle still enjoys warranty service after maintenance, starting from the date of sales.

Parts Category and Warranty Period:

(1) Frame: 5 Years.

(2) Motor, controller, battery, charger, display, light, handlebar stem, front fork, rear rack, etc.: 2 Years.

Note: The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

(1) Unable to provide valid frame serial number;

(2) The e-Bike and its parts have exceeded the warranty period;

(3) Failure or damage caused by modification or maintenance of mechanical or electrical parts of the e-Bike without permission;

(4) Product failure or damage caused by using parts not specified by JOBOBIKE;

(5) Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, use and operation;

(6) Failure or damage caused by the use of the product in an unspecified working environment;

(7) Product failure or damage due to improper maintenance (dampness, mildew or exposure to extreme environment);

(8) The normal wear of wearing parts such as tires, brakes and pedals is not a fault and is not within the scope of warranty;

(9) Failure or damage caused by irresistible factors (such as fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, etc.).

10-2 Value-added Service

10-2-1 About Renewal

If the customer needs to renew the warranty, he/she can put forward the renewal request at the time of purchase or one month before the expiration of the warranty period, and pay the premium at 200 euros per year and 300 euros per year in the fourth year. The scope of renewal is limited to electrical parts (instruments, controllers, motors, batteries and chargers), and JOBOBIKE will no longer provide renewal service from the fifth year.

10-2-2 About Maintenance

In order to better serve customers, JOBOBIKE will provide customers with free after-sales technical guidance and maintenance consulting services in real time. If the product fails during use and needs to be repaired, please fill in the After sales service form and submit it. Our staff will reply you within 48 hours according to the information provided by you, find out the cause of the fault as soon as possible, and provide a complete solution, including after-sales parts, technical support and maintenance operation guide. Within the warranty period and scope, after-sales parts shall be provided free of charge. After the warranty period and beyond the warranty scope, the corresponding fees (including express delivery fees) shall be charged according to the actual situation.

If e-Bike is sent for repair directly without JOBOBIKE's permission, the customer will bear the freight back and forth and pay the repair service fee (150 Euros/time in warranty period and 200 Euros/time out of warranty period). E-Bike must be delivered with good external package. If it is damaged when delivered to the factory, the customer shall be responsible for it.  

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