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JOBOBIKE prepared many detailed and professional videos on this page, welcome to watch our video and learn more about JOBOBIKE's electric bike.
JOBOBIKE Eddy Jobobike plJust biking

Different with Robin, Eddy is not only a fat tire e-bike, but also a full suspension and folding electric bike, that performs excellently on different surfaces such as sand, forest, or snow, giving the riders more comfortable and excite riding experience.

It is a great choice for riders who want to explore off-road trails, go on mountain adventures, and also just enjoy a comfortable ride with friends or family.

Eddy Advantages:

1. Full suspension, as the front and rear wheel conforms to the trail by tracking over the bumps the ride is much smoother and more comfortable.

2. Function of folding, can be stored conveniently in the trunk of the car.

3. CST 20*4.0 fat tire with reflective patches and puncture-proof, providing excellent traction and a stable ride experience.

4. The buit-in battery is in the frame, which has a positive effect on its protection.

Thanks to Eddy’s design, it can go to any terrain effortlessly. E-bikes are definitely worth considering if you commute to work, don’t want to take out the car to run a quick errand or you are adventurous.

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