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JOBOBIKE prepared many detailed and professional videos on this page, welcome to watch our video and learn more about JOBOBIKE's electric bike.
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Viva and Viva ST(Hereinafter collectively referred to as Viva) is the most lightest electric bike of JOBOBIKE, that is easier to lift and carry while never compromising speed on the city road.

Viva is specially developed for fashionistas who value urban style and comfort. So it’s frame adopts the flat welding process and battery is put in the frame, let the appearance more simple and more elegant. And we also have two different frame - step-over and step-thru for different people.

Viva/Viva ST Advantages:

1. Lightest electric bike only 22kg, but it still strong and durable with aluminum alloy frame.

2. The buit-in battery is in the frame, which has a positive effect on its protection.

3. 700C wheels is larger diameter compared to other wheel sizes, allowing them to roll more efficiently and smoothly, and making it ideal for commuting and long-distance riding.

The commuter electric bikes - Viva will not only get you to your destination without breaking a sweat, it will also allow you to avoid traffic jams, they’ll get you there quickly and comfortably.

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