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JOBOBIKE prepared many detailed and professional videos on this page, welcome to watch our video and learn more about JOBOBIKE's electric bike.
JOBOBIKE Robin Jobobike plJust biking

Robin and Robin ST(Hereinafter collectively referred to as Robin) have a very sporty design, and also have step-over and step-thru frames with a choice of different colors to choose from(turquoise, black and white, if you like to be different, you can choose turquoise; if you like to go with everything, you can choose black or white).

With fat tires, Robin is a bit heavy, but it handling is easy, stable and sporty, performance surprisingly well.

Robin/Robin ST Advantages:

1. Equipped with CST 26*4.0 fat tire, Robin is a great e-bike whose fat tires ensure high control over the bike and comfort of riding.

2. Bafang powerful brushless motor, the maximum torque is 80 N.m, giving the rider a powerful riding feeling.

3. LCD colorful display, show a lot of detailed and necessary information to riders, such as speed, electric quantity, total riding distance and so on.

Robin performs well in bumpy road, forest, mountain and even snowy terrain. Despite it is an all terrain e-bike, but it is still suitable for novice and elder because of fat tire, step-thru frame and powerful motor.

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