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JOBOBIKE prepared many detailed and professional videos on this page, welcome to watch our video and learn more about JOBOBIKE's electric bike.
JOBOBIKE Linda & Lyon
JOBOBIKE Linda & Lyon Jobobike plJust biking

Linda and Lyon are ideal electric bikes for couples to ride together and soak up some sunshine. This eco-friendly transportation mode can not only give you a chance to save money on gasoline and even do your part to save the climate, but also give you a healthy body.

Linda and Lyon are the similar models, so you only need to learn how to use and maintain one e-bike.

Linda/Lyon's Advantages:

1. Bafang M200 250W mid-motor, give you smoother, quieter and more comfortable riding experience.

2. Tektro hydraulic brakes, high-quality of brake is not only the guarantee to keep control of e-bike, but also important to the safe riding.

3. Shimano 7-speed gearing, different gears fit for different terrain, you can change the gear to get easier riding.

They are considered every detail of rider comfort, from the smooth mid-motor, SR seat and soft grips. This model also combines the comfort of a step-thru frame designed with the power of an e-bike. That means they are suitable for the vast majority of people.

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